Rolling Repeat Cycles & Turns. Gallerí Þoka 2014
16mm film stock 7285, viewer, motorized synchronizer, tumbleweed, air.

The tumbleweed is a common nomadic plant. It also symbolizes the passage of time, rolling endless accross empty landscapes in classic westerns. Some plants grow alone, others interwine and grow as one plant, but they have many “beginnings”. Eventually they break off in the wind and roll. Over time the tumbleweed becomes round through wear; blowing from place to place scattering seeds and a new cycle begins.
In this exhibition, the eternally blowing tumbleweed is paired with a 16mm loop driven sculpture. The film itself is derived from old drive-in cinema intermission titles. It has been printed colored and reprinted. Through this method each generation of film becomes a distant echo of the original.