Forever! just ended. The Living Art Museum 2014
living cinema installation. mixed material 16mm film stock 7285. duration 1month!-1.jpg

opening frame featuring Haukur Valdimar Pálsson & Beatte Körner
verbal text: the Edda read from last page to first!-44.jpg!-10.jpg!-9.jpg!-8.jpg

opening frame featuring Kristín Mjöll!-45.jpg!-6.jpg!-14.jpg!-7.jpg!-12.jpg

opening frame featuring Hannes Sigurðsson!-46.jpg!-2.jpg!-18.jpg!-5.jpg!-4.jpg!-3.jpg!-11.jpg!-26.jpg!-22.jpg!-16.jpg

ongoing single frame 16mm film shoot!-21.jpg!-19.jpg!-20.jpg!-15.jpg

ongoing single frame 16mm film shoot!-23.jpg

ongoing single frame 16mm film shoot!-41.jpg!-24.jpg!-25.jpg!-37.jpg

closing night event!-38.jpg!-29.jpg!-47.jpg!-39.jpg!-32.jpg!-34.jpg!-35.jpg!-42.jpg

end shot 16mm!-30.jpg!-31.jpg

end frame.!-27.jpg!-43.jpg
The Living Art Museum (Nýló), presents a major body of work by Rebecca Erin Moran asking what happens after the end? What happens after the guns and the war? After everyone gets trampled on the floor? After a piece of bread could buy a bag of gold? After the pointless plot points? After the three-act structures crumble? After the inciting incidents? After all that damned expectation? After all the leading ladies? After all the bit parts? After the knee tremblers? After the butt plugs? After the hashtags? After Munich? After the bolex? After the freeze frames? After the pickle jar smashes? After that fucking eruption? After the sun sets? After the blow up dolls get blown the fuck up? After all those lukewarm apocalypses? After the pillow talk? After all that polite foreplay? After all the Anger? After she turns her head? After paradise gets crushed? After you realise all relaxation ever was to you was awkward? After getting lost in the woods? After all the tableau vivants wither? After all the happenings get happened? After the experimental becomes the normal? After the New Normal gets cancelled? After all the blissed out hippie spaces? After the two men walk up that hill? After all the technical parameters? After you change your mind? After all the film stock is processed? What gets left behind? Forever! Just ended interrogates the destruction of linearity and the end of expectations through an evolving process - an ambitious scored installation, encompassing sculpture, performance and events that unfolds over one month.

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